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Discounts in the Student Health Plan

If you are enrolled in the Caltech Student Health Insurance Plan with UnitedHealthcare, you are eligible for discounts on services and materials through UHC's Health Allies Discount Program.

You can typically save 10 - 20 percent on these services. 

How to Use the Program

You can choose from more than 27,000 providers. To find one near you, visit the Health Allies Discount Program website or call their customer care number at (800) 860-8773.

When you select a health care professional, you will receive a discount confirmation to take to the provider’s office. The confirmation simply ensures that you will receive the discounted rate. There is no obligation to visit the selected provider.

You make an appointment with the health care professional.

Then, you pay the discounted rate at the time of service.

For Additional Information

If you have any questions, see the UHC Health Allies Program brochure, visit the Health Allies Discount Program website, or call UHC's customer care number at (800) 860-8773.