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 The Caltech Student Dental Insurance Plan covers routine dental exams and cleanings as well as non-routine care, such as oral surgery and crowns. The Plan is offered through Delta Dental and features a large national network of preferred dentists who are contracted with the Delta Dental PPO.

Make Sure You Use a Preferred (PPO) Dentist

You may receive care from any dentist. However, to avoid paying a lot of money out of your own pocket, you must choose dentists who are part of the Delta Dental Preferred (PPO) network. Even if you see a "Delta dentist" or a "Delta Premier dentist," if he or she is not a Delta Preferred (PPO) dentist, you'll pay significantly more than you need to. See some examples. Keep in mind that the dentist's office might say that they accept Delta Dental insurance or that they are a Delta dentist — but if the dentist is not specifically contracted with the Delta Dental PPO, you'll pay more. 

The best way to make sure you use a PPO dentist is to follow these two steps: 

  • Before you schedule an appointment, find a Preferred (PPO) dentist using Delta Dental's online search tool.
  • When you schedule your appointment, confirm that the dentist is in the Delta Dental PPO. (Being a Delta dentist or a Delta Premier dentist is not enough — he or she must be in the PPO.)

See a list of Delta Dental Preferred (PPO) dentists most used by Caltech students.

How the Caltech Dental Plan Works

The Plan provides coverage based on Delta's Dental's table of allowances, which shows the specific dollar amount that the Plan will pay for each type of dental service. You’re responsible for the remaining amount of the dentist’s charge. Regardless of the dentist you use, Delta Dental pays the same amount based on the table of allowance — you pay the rest. The more your dentist charges, the more you pay.

  • You typically save the most money when you use Delta Preferred (PPO) Dentists. Preferred PPO dentists are contracted with Delta Dental and agree to lower fees that are usually less than — and never more than — Delta’s allowable charge.
  • You typically pay more when you use Delta Premier Dentists. Premier Dentists are also contracted with Delta Dental but usually charge higher fees than PPO dentists, up to Delta’s allowable charge.
  • You typically pay the most when you use non-Delta Dentists. Because they are not contracted with Delta, these dentists may charge any amount for their services.

You don't need a dental plan ID card to receive care. When you visit your dentist, provide your name, date of birth and student ID number. If you want an ID card anyway, you can print one from our Delta Dental website.

For Additional Information

Looking for our Delta Dental policy number? It's 5372. If you need to contact Delta Dental, call (800) 765-6003.

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