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Continuing Coverage

If you graduate, withdraw or take a sabbatical, your Caltech Student Health Insurance Plan benefits end on the last day of the insurance term for which you last enrolled as a degree-seeking student.

Fall: September 1 - December 31
Winter: January 1 - April 30
Spring: May 1 - August 31 

Once coverage ends, you can choose to purchase continuation coverage for up to six months.

Extension of Benefits

You and your covered dependents can continue to receive benefits (except mail-order prescriptions) for up to 30 additional days for the continued treatment of a covered condition for which you were receiving treatment when your coverage ended.

If you want to receive extended benefits for any NEW conditions, you can purchase continuation coverage insurance, as described below. 

Continuation Coverage When You Graduate (or Withdraw)

By paying the full cost of the Student Health Insurance Plan premium rate, you may continue full benefits coverage for up to 6 months immediately after you graduate or withdraw. 

To continue your coverage, you must complete and return the UHC Continuation Enrollment Form within 14 days from the end of the insurance term for which you were a registered student. You can find the cost for coverage on the form.

Contact UHC’s customer service at (888) 251-5640 for any questions about the Continuation Plan.

Extension Coverage When You Go On Sabbatical
(including an approved medical leave)

If you begin an approved sabbatical you can continue coverage for up to three consecutive insurance terms. For cost information and to enroll, please contact the Benefits Office (

If your sabbatical goes beyond three consecutive terms, you will be eligible to purchase the extension coverage through UHC for an additional six months.