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Our retirees are an important part of the Caltech legacy. For that reason, we strive to provide our current and future retirees a sustainable, viable, and quality program of health care benefits.

 If you are eligible for the Institute’s retiree health benefits, Caltech helps you pay for medical, dental and vision coverage for yourself and your eligible spouse or domestic partner. You can choose from a range of Institute-sponsored medical insurance options, including HMO plans through Aetna and Kaiser and PPO plans through Aetna.

You have access to these plans through the Aetna Marketplace, Caltech’s retiree insurance administrative partner. This service provides online and telephone support to help you choose health care coverage that best meets your needs. For assistance, please visit the Aetna Marketplace website or call the Aetna Marketplace customer service line at (844) 210-8389.

If you have a question about your benefits bill or your Health Reimbursement Account (HRA), contact WageWorks at (844) 319-7858.

Each fall, Aetna will send you information about any changes to your retiree benefits and costs for the following year. You can update your elections during the Open Enrollment period.