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WageWorks is Caltech’s COBRA administrator. If you have questions about COBRA, please call WageWorks at (844) 319-7858.

COBRA, the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act, lets you (or your covered dependents) continue Caltech health care coverage that might otherwise end due to a life event (such as leaving Caltech or divorce).

COBRA is available for medical, dental, vision, and the health care spending account. Your cost for COBRA coverage is 100% of the full group rate plus an additional 2% administrative fee.

If you notify us of a qualifying COBRA life event, a COBRA enrollment package will be mailed to you and your covered dependents from WageWorks. To elect COBRA, complete the COBRA enrollment forms and return them to WageWorks by the due date listed on the form.

You (and your covered dependents) are eligible for up to 18 months of COBRA coverage after one of the following life events:

  • You voluntarily leave or retire from Caltech.
  • You no longer are eligible for Caltech benefits.
  • Caltech ends your employment for any reason, unless you were terminated because of gross misconduct.

Your covered dependents are eligible for up to 36 months of COBRA coverage after one of the following life events:

  • You are divorced or legally separated.
  • You die.
  • Your dependent no longer qualifies as a covered dependent (for example, when your dependent child reaches age 26).